From Head of School

Rasmussen Wyayn 05From Head of School
Wyayn Rasmussen

Welcome to Academy of Whole Learning!

It is my privilege to invite you to explore our wonderful school, a place that helps students move from school failure to school success. Our multi-sensory curriculum uses a multiple intelligence approach to help children achieve their greatest potential. We teach to the whole child, using each child’s personal strengths to develop areas of weakness.

Our academic, social, and life skill programs follow developmental and transition guidelines for daily living skills, community involvement, recreation/leisure, and pre-vocation skill building. We teach children how to think and how to use personal reflection skills, self-management, and self-advocacy. At AOWL, students are not taught by age or grade level, but work at their personal instructional level, which allows for learning to take place.

The goal for all children is to grow to become successful young adults. Our students are on the path for success. We look forward to having you join us on that journey, as a parent, student, supporter or friend.

Wyayn Rasmussen
Head of School