Success Stories

Here’s what a few of our parents have to say about Academy of Whole Learning

“My son is a sixth grader at Academy of Whole learning and is testing on an 11th grade reading level and on 7th grade math level.  This is a huge accomplishment considering where he was a little over a year ago.  Up until 2013 he was attending public schools.  I thought at his kindergarten parent teacher conference that they were going to tell me how gifted he was. Instead, all I heard about were his difficulties in school.  Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t totally surprised. As time went on in the public school, his struggles got worse and worse.  In 3rd grade a wonderful psychologist worked with us to get him into Special Ed as that was what we thought was the right solution for him. He got into Special Ed, but it was mostly the mainstream teacher who got help.  He continued to fall behind in all subjects.  When he left the public school in the first week of 5th grade, he was testing on a 3rd grade math level and his English and writing were very low.   At Academy of Whole Learning he does not get punished for what he can’t do, but rewarded for what he CAN do.  I don’t get called daily anymore!  They do active learning and personalize the teaching to my son.   He has an individual plan.  They work with me to get the best out of him. He is doing so well academically.  I love the staff, teachers and head of school.  Thank you for helping my son!”

Kim Fishman, parent


“Simply put, this school does what it claims to do, and it has changed our lives! Before AOWL, our son was floundering in the public school special education system, and each year he would get further and further behind. Even though his teachers were making a well intended effort—they were falling short because of extreme caseloads, limited human and financial resources, and too much paperwork. Academy of Whole Learning isn’t plagued with these problems; therefore, their teachers are able to focus on direct and indirect instruction based totally on student need. At AOWL he is achieving his potential both academically and across all youth to adulthood transition domains. How do they do it? They 1) have created a “stress/anxiety free” environment, 2) teach students at their instructional level using only special education licensed staff with Master’s degrees , 3) focus their teaching on all aspects of development (academics, social, and life skills, all the while focusing on how to make each lesson functional outside of school), 4) have a 9:1 student-teacher ratio serving students in grades 3 and up, and 5) give each student his/her own computer. As you can imagine it takes a lot of time, energy, money and effort to continue to do this special work. Thanks AOWL for the special work you do.”

-Colleen Thoresen, parent


“Have you ever walked into a meeting, watched the conference room door shut and, as the meeting began, you realized you were totally unprepared for it…and you couldn’t wait for the meeting to end so you could return to your office, where your comfort zone was? This is how my child was for years. He went to a good school, got lots of extra help from qualified and kind special ed teachers but just wasn’t tracking. He wasn’t dumb. He just needed to be taught things a little slower and in different ways. He’s been at the school for a little more than a year now and has made a great deal of improvement. Of course, you’d expect me to say that since I’m taking the time to write this. But it’s the truth. Academy of Whole Learning was literally an answer to my prayers. How do you put a pricetag on even one child’s ability to read, to do math, to understand some basic ways the world works today? This school could serve many other students.”
-Steve Benjamin, parent


“I am a parent of one of the children that attends this AWESOME place. Our hope and dreams for our son are starting to be answered by him attending this school. He is in his second year of attending Academy of Whole Learning. Our son has ADHD and other learning disabilities. I believe that from grades K-5 our son “wandered” through the public schools, going from mainstream to special education classes, he never fit in anywhere, never talked much. Within 6 months of our son attending this school, our son could finally be himself, he finally realized that he could read, write and do math problems because this school teaches him at his level. He doesn’t have to hide anymore. He is reading, writing, doing math and all other aspects of education. But to me, the greatest thing that our son has received from this wonderful school is his self-esteem.”
-Kathy Olson, parent