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Capernaum Pediatric Therapy, Inc.

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Capernaum Pediatric Therapy, Inc. provides pediatric physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy services in the Twin Cities area. Services are provided in many settings including homes in the 7-county metro area, pools, child development centers, public and charter schools, and clinics within private schools. Capernaum also offers specialized programs, training, professional seminars, and resources for parents, teachers, and the community. 

Capernaum has been partnering with Academy of Whole Learning since 2014 providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. Capernaum’s approach at AOWL bridges the gap between clinical therapy and the school setting, allowing therapists to work with the student within their natural environment. With better generalization of skills, the development of collaborative relationships with school staff, and regular communication with families, Capernaum aims to treat the whole child, not just the student.  

What are the benefits?

  • Excellent transfer of skill development
  • Staff and parents are supported and empowered to carry over strategies at home and in the classroom
  • Teachers appreciate therapy scheduling that is coordinated to fit within the child’s school day
  • Parents like that the therapies are on-site, as it allows families to decrease the need for after school outpatient clinic visits

“The benefit of having Capernaum onsite at Academy of Whole Learning is that the therapists are willing to have conversations and make plans with teaching staff about student needs in the classroom, often going above and beyond the specific therapy goals that students are working on. In some cases, therapists may also ‘push in’ to help students generalize the skills they’re learning in their sessions to the classroom environment too.”  Ms. Kate, AOWL teacher

What is physical therapy?  Children receive physical therapy to learn to move better! Physical therapists work on strength, balance, coordination, and mobility to help children develop and progress towards goals that are individually designed for them. Families are empowered with strategies to use in the home and community, thereby making the child’s daily routine therapeutic. 

What is occupational therapy?  Capernaum’s occupational therapists help children participate in the activities of daily living so they can be healthier, happier, more independent, and more productive. OTs provide hands-on rehabilitative care addressing self-care (dressing, eating, hygiene, etc.), handwriting, social interaction, focus/attention, sensory stimulation, and much more! Therapists use sensory integration techniques, fine and gross motor strengthening/coordination, and visual motor or visual perceptual strategies in order to achieve the child’s individually designed goals. 

What is speech therapy?  Speech-language pathologists provide treatment and care for children who have difficulties with communication or swallowing. Areas targeted in speech-language therapy include articulation, phonology, language expression, understanding language, social communication, stuttering, and many more! Children who receive speech therapy work towards their individually designed goals, while caregivers learn how to encourage their child’s speech-language development in a fun and natural way! 

“The best part about having Capernaum on-site at AOWL is the collaboration! The Capernaum team is flexible and willing to problem solve in the moment. It is great that their team can observe in the classroom and help teachers apply strategies.”  Ms. Katie, AOWL Behavior Specialist

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