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There are many reasons families seek out Academy of Whole Learning, but the most common reason is that their child’s current school is not meeting their child’s academic and/or social needs.  Students at AOWL have a primary diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder or related learning differences.  The students at Academy of Whole Learning  are engaged in learning, manage themselves and their belongings, and are capable of attending school without  1:1 para professional support.







The following characteristics describe our students:

  • Our students are capable of learning.
  • Our students are independently mobile.
  • Our students function independently in the classroom.
  • Our students perform all their own personal care.
  • Our students behave in a way that permits the learning of themselves and others to progress.
  • Our students have primary diagnoses that preclude a mental or behavioral disorder.

In order to ensure that your student will benefit from our program,  we require a current neuro-psych or psycho-educational evaluation prior to admission.


Equal Opportunity

Academy of Whole Learning values each student’s gifts as an individual, regardless of age, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or genetic information. Academy of Whole Learning is unable to meet the needs of students with emotional or behavioral issues that may negatively impact the learning environment.This policy applies to all areas of student concerns; including admissions, athletics, educational policies, tuition assistance, and other school-administered programs.