SociableSkills, Grades 4 – 12

2016AWL-041SociableSkills is a social and emotional learning class is for students entering grades 4 through 12.  This afternoon program has an emphasis on direct social and emotional instruction through group activities, role-play opportunities, video modeling and hands-on learning.  Instructional materials include the following: “Think Social!” and “Thinking about YOU Thinking About Me,” both by Michelle Garcia Winner.


SociableSkills- Details

Dates: Week 1: June 5-9    Week 2: June 12-16     Week 3: June 19-23     Week 4: June 26-30     Week 5: July 24-28     Week 6: July 31-August 4      Week 7: August 7-11       Week 8: August 14-18

Days: Monday – Friday

Time: 12:30 – 3:00 p.m.

Fee: $450.00/ week.  See application form for AOWL student discount.

  • Open to qualifying students entering grades 4 through 12.
  • Student/Staff ratio will not exceed 6:1.

Overview of Topics Covered

The Positive Conversation   Students will form and develop conversational skills through learning a variety of strategies such as creating a friend profile, discussing the basics of  maintaining a general topic, supporting details, adding in your own ideas and many more!  

Properties of Socializing  Students will dive deeper into conversational skills by identifying conversation stoppers, learning when it it is acceptable to interrupt a speaker,exploring the thoughts and feelings of others and  being exposed to the idea of positive body language.  

Being a Social Detective  Students will become a social detective by learning strategies to become a more efficient observer by learning how to uncover others people’s motives and intentions.  Some of the skills that students will be developing are: becoming a more flexible thinker, learning strategies to become a better observer,  and being able to identify other people’s emotions.  


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