Staff Testimonials

Kate_SamOur staff is passionate about the work they do here at AOWL, and this is evident in every aspect of our school.  Below are some testimonials from our current staff regarding why they love working here. 

It is inspiring to be surround by colleagues who are genuinely passionate about the work they do. I see the impact of their hard work every day as students grow and evolve. It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you witness little moments, like social interactions between students or a student reaching an academic goal, that you know are a direct result of the students, parents, and staff’s perseverance.  

-Kaitlin Walsh


What I really love most about working at AOWL is the feeling of being constantly supported in what I do. Knowing I have fellow employees who are great resources, mentors, and eye-openers, makes me the best teacher that I can be for all of our students. By being supported, I value the support I give to each student immensely.

-Courtney Glazier


I love the community of compassion, understanding, and support that is shared among everyone at AOWL It truly feels like a family.

-Anna Myrand


It was clear to me from the day I began working here that AOWL is a very special place.  I’m the accountant so I don’t have a lot of direct contact with students, but it’s obvious the students are always the focus and priority.  I see that at staff meetings, lunch conversations and other daily contact I have with the staff.   The staff are not only skilled and well trained, but equally important, they really care about meeting the needs of their students.  I was hired about six months ago at the age of 66.  I am both grateful and excited for this opportunity to add a final chapter to my career at AOWL. 

-Mike Onan


I enjoy working at AOWL because it makes a difference in the lives of our students.

-Lue Ramberg


Seeing the academic, social, and emotional growth that students make over the course of the year and building strong rapport with these students and providing them with a classroom environment where they can feel safe and totally be themselves, sometimes for the first time ever at school. Knowing that I was able to play some part in their growth and progress in all of these areas is so rewarding!

-Kate Drechsler


When I overheard a friend say, “That school saved my son’s life”, I immediately knew I wanted to be part of the dynamics at Academy of Whole Learning – where lives are changed every day.

When asked what I do as a donor relations officer, my response is, “I say please and thank-you”. It’s an honor to represent AOWL in the community and daily express gratitude to individuals who believe in Academy of Whole Learning.

-Cindy Schriever


I enjoy seeing the transformation in the lives of students.

-Greg Saunders


I have been so encouraged since my start at the Academy of Whole Learning just a few months ago. My passion for working with kids with Autism has increased! There is a learning curve and I have felt supported by the all the people here, from the administrative staff to other teachers. This school is dedicated to its students and prioritizes them above all. There is a desire to improve, and suggestions and innovations are always welcome. I am genuinely excited to come to work each day, and seeing the way students have already improved is so inspiring. There are several students who have expressed enjoying school for the first time! It is also in the small things, like our sunshine committee. They gather for the sole purpose of encouraging staff and keeping up morale. I am so grateful to work with such great students and staff

-Kelsey Wall


Working at AOWL has been very rewarding for me in the sense that I am able to come to work everyday knowing that I am there to help others and create a safe, welcoming environment for those in need.

-Stephanie Neiberger


I like working here because of the friendly, welcoming culture and fun coworkers.  It’s also great to see kids progress when they have had difficulty with school in the past.  For instance, one student who was new at the start of this year was really reserved and repeatedly said that he hated this school and didn’t want to be here. Now, a little over a month later, he has totally warmed up to me and other teachers, and I see him smiling around the school with his peers.  I think the success of students like him says a lot about the expertise and fun attitudes of AOWL employees. 

-Boyden Lee 


In coming up with a reason why I enjoy working at Academy of Whole Learning I was definitely challenged in coming up with a response. This was because there are so many reasons why I love coming to work each day. The staff that I collaborate with, the environment that I get to teach in, and the resources that we offer our students are unlike any other job that I have had in my Special Education experience.  Having a teaching team that is open to sharing ideas and is available for support each day is hard to come by, but I have that here.

Although all of these things are great, by far the biggest reason I look forward to teaching each day is the students that I work with. At AOWL we have the unique opportunity to really get to know the students in our classes and develop relationships that make us far better educators. Being able to tailor lessons not only to my students’ needs but also to their interests allows me to engage everyone in a different way. I can’t tell you how many times I am out and about and something makes me think of a student and I can’t wait to tell them about it. Creating these connections adds something special to the classroom community and has created an environment that I love to teach in. Being a smaller school I have had the opportunity to watch students progress over weeks, months, and years; which is by far the most rewarding part of teaching. I know that I am a better teacher because I work at AOWL.

-Maggie Jensen


There are 3 reasons I enjoy working at AOWL:  The 1st is because this school makes a difference in the lives of our student and their families. The 2nd is because of the people who work here. I have never been in such a positive and supportive environment when it comes to a career. I am challenged, my ideas matter and I am a part of helping AOWL grow as a school and a business. The 3rd reason I enjoy working at AOWL is just getting to be around the kiddos, they warm my heart and remind me to never stop laughing and having fun. 

-Karla Przybylski


What I enjoy about working at AOWL is the support and encouragement from my coworkers to grow as an educator. AOWL gives me the opportunity to explore the different aspects of working with students and to learn new skills to support them. Everyday is a new adventure!

-Colleen Farley


I love working at AOWL because this staff and school is more than just a school it’s a family. We all work together, take care of each other and do whatever is needed to make sure our students have great learning opportunities and can have successes and challenges in everything we do. 

-Mekinna Rahn