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                AOWL Therapy Services Fact Sheet




AOWL is now providing therapy services. We have two different branches, outpatient psychotherapy, and Intensive Behavior Intervention.

The purpose of outpatient psychotherapy is to provide Individual and family therapy that addresses the social-emotional needs of families whose loved-one struggles with mental health.

Katie Thormodsgaard, MSW, LICSW will conduct outpatient services by designing active learning environments for both children and parents, which are appropriate for various developmental levels. She works with children and adolescents with behavioral challenges, mood and anxiety disorders, depression, developmental issues, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and ADHD. She also works with parents related to parenting challenges and increasing family systems functioning.  She uses a variety of approaches, strategies, and methods, including, cognitive behavior therapy, solution focused therapy, systematic desensitization, strengths perspective and behavioral strategies.

The purpose of the Intensive Behavior Intervention is to provide medically necessary early intensive intervention that targets the functional skills and core deficits of people with ASD and related conditions. As well as:

• Educate, train and support students, parents, and families

• Promote students’ independence and participation in family, school and community life

• Improve long-term outcomes and quality of life for students and their families

Our team will conduct Insensitive Behavior Intervention services by providing 1:1 individual and family skills training. The sessions can be held in school and/or in-home settings. Skills training consists of focusing on development in communication, socialization, and behavior regulation.

Just as Academy of Whole Learning doesn’t serve only students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), our therapy services are not limited in its effectiveness to only ASD, nor to any specific age group. We offer therapy services to individuals and families in the metro area. Outpatient psychotherapy and therapy utilizing intensive behavior intervention improves the quality of life of an individual in early childhood, adolescence, and even later in life.

 The need for outpatient therapy or intensive behavior intervention is determined by Katie Thormodsgaard, MSW LICSW, during a diagnostic assessment.

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