Convenience and Flexibility

We are happy to partner with Breck School to provide transportation to our families. We understand schedules can get hectic and time is valuable.  We are happy to partner with Breck School Transportation to offer a safe and convenient option.

There are four types of transportation service around the metropolitan area.  One-way Service — either bringing the student to school or taking the student home; Two-way Service — morning and afternoon.


Our transportation partnership offers home-to-school service and express pickup and drop-off locations so that more students can be “last on first off” riders. The average ride time for these express stops is 15-20 minutes. You can also designate special schedules for particular days of the week to accommodate activities such as athletics and clubs.


Students must be able to make a one bus transfer at Breck School independently.  For more information please Click Here. If you would like to know more about ride times, expenses and arrangements  please contact the Director of Transportation at Breck, Mark Ryks, by phone (763-381-8218) or via email ( Please inform him you are an AOWL parent when inquiring.



Car Line Safety

Enter the parking through the east entrance on Cedar Lake Road.  Continue counter clockwise around the lower parking lot, to pull up in front of Entrance Door #7.  Doors open at 8:15 a.m.  After your child enters the school, exit onto Cedar Lake Road.  For efficiency reasons, please pull as far forward as possible in the car pool lines.

  • Do NOT use your cell phone.
  • Pull up along the curb for both morning drop-off and after-school pick up.
  • Remain in your car at all times.
  • Keep car moving forward.
  • Children and adults: DO NOT EXIT on the driver’s side.
  • Students cannot be dropped off in the upper lot.
  • Watch carefully when moving into traffic lane to exit the car line.