AOWL in the News

As an expert in autism and related learning differences, Academy of Whole Learning has been featured in many news stories related to these topics.  Please see audio, video, and news articles below.


AOWL – New to Minnetonka this School Year, Sun Sailor Article, Printed 3/8/18

Please click here for article.


Olympic Athletes Inspire Minnetonka Students, KARE11, Aired 2/8/18

Gina Pogue, Physical Education and Health Teacher at AOWL, shows how our school gym has transformed into an Olympic training facility for students to try bobsledding, alpine skiing and luge.


Summer Stress for Kids with Autism, WCCO Radio, Aired 5/17/17

Wyayn Rasmussen, Head of School at AOWL, gives advice on how to help all children reduce summer learning loss and thrive.


Focus on Fidgets, Kare 11, Aired 5/13/17

Wyayn Rasmussen, Head of School at AOWL, explains how our school uses fidgets as tools versus toys.


Fidgets, WCCO, Aired 5/1/17

Wyayn Rasmussen, Head of School at AOWL, discusses the benefits of fidgets.


Misconceptions of Autism, WCCO, Aired 4/8/17

Dana Liberty, a teacher at AOWL, talks about some of the misconceptions of autism.


Sesame Street’s Newest Muppet with Autism, Kare 11, Aired 3/20/17

Dana Liberty, a teacher at AOWL, and Erin Smith, a student at AOWL talk about the newest muppet and the value of inclusion.


Excellent Educator, WCCO, Aired 3/8/17

Head of School, Wyayn Rasmussen, was named an Excellent Educator by WCCO-TV! Wyayn cares deeply about the success of our students and our school. Check out the clip below to see the surprise and find out what Wyayn thinks is the best part of her job!


Coping with Stress in the Classroom, KSTP, Aired 1/18/17

Academy of Whole Learning students practice yoga and self-regulation to learn new ways to cope with stress. It’s just one of many ways our school focuses on the whole child. Watch this story from KSTP to see how yoga is helping our students control their reactions to stress throughout the day!


Yoga in the Classroom, Kare 11, Aired 1/11/17

Yoga teaches us how to breathe, relax and remain calm. At Academy of Whole Learning, we call it self-regulation. This is the first year we’ve had a certified yoga instructor visit every classroom once a week. Want to know how it’s benefited our students? Watch this story from KARE 11!




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