To all members of the AOWL Community,

As I reflect on my first few years as Head of School at Academy of Whole Learning, I can accurately describe this time as a time of learning and listening. With the year coming to a close and a new one beginning, we often marvel how our children have grown and progressed during the year. It is also the perfect time to reflect about our school, take stock of our progress and build momentum for further growth.

As stakeholders in the school, we as family and staff have long spoken about the challenge of describing the elusive “AOWL feeling”, but it appears that the members of our parent body have captured the essence of what makes AOWL great and have articulated it in the recent survey.  We have summarized what you, the parents, believe are the school’s greatest attributes. According to AOWL’s parents, the following represent why you send your children to our school:

  • We have caring and nurturing teachers
  • We provide highly personalized attention
  • We, the school and classroom teachers, provide regular communication with families.
  • We are a welcoming and inclusive community
  • We use technology to prepare students to be proficient users of technology and support the teaching and learning process.
  • We strive to remain viable into the future by establishing marketing initiatives to recruit and retain students.

The school will use these messages as the basis of a major internal and external marketing initiative with the assistance of our newly developed marketing committee, led by chairperson, Janet LaFrence, which will begin in earnest in the new year. While we have previously asked you to spread the word about AOWL in your communities, we now ask you to join us in using our new parent-articulated messages in spreading a more focused and directed message about our school.

Your input regarding our challenges will help shape the school’s vision for the future. Additional immediate concerns parents have helped to identify which will be addressed in our strategic plan are as follows:

  • to provide effective communication externally that builds relationships and advances the mission of the school.
  • to provide increased volunteer opportunities for parents and our community to support the education of learners.
  • to review the programming at the high school level. Some parents would prefer a stress on academics, some would prefer a focus on life skills,
  • to include life skills programming for students in lower or middle school
  • to find consistent and generous donors and revenue streams to help with growth, to expand resources and provide scholarships so that more families can experienced the magic of AOWL.
  • to find space for increased growth

Your continued participation in the ongoing success of your children’s school remains vital. I am excited to continue the work of building the AOWL community and to providing your children with the school that we all want for them.

I am happy to report that, judging by the quiet voices coming out of the classrooms, our students are happily engaged in their education and our teachers are hard at work helping them reach their full potential.

I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season, and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

My best regards,

Wyayn Rasmussen
Head of School