Academy of Whole Learning is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) school located in Minnetonka, MN.  Serving the Greater Twin Cities Area, Academy of Whole Learning is designed specifically to give students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or related learning differences their first chance to succeed.

Our school was founded in 2003 by parents seeking a different educational opportunity after their child struggled to succeed in more traditional school settings.  Originally created to serve disabled children in general, AOWL’s focus has narrowed to exclusively serve children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or related learning differences.

Offering a holistic, complete school program, Academy of Whole Learning provides an alternative opportunity for students with ASD or related learning differences to flourish.  By understanding and supporting each student’s neurological, physical, social, and emotional needs, the school provides a positive and unique educational environment, one that encourages students to participate in and enjoy learning.  Each student receives an individually planned education, developed and administered by expertly trained staff, to cater to the student’s current developmental level and individual training needs.

The staff at Academy of Whole learning prides themselves on exceptional education, mostly due to their exceptional preparation.  Every teacher at AOWL is certified in both general education and special education practices.

Academy of Whole Learning is governed by a well-rounded board of appointed members, consisting of parents, staff, and representatives from the community.  These individuals guide the school collectively, each contributing to the advancement of the school with their own professional backgrounds.

Today, Academy of Whole Learning is one of only a handful of private schools in the world and the only one in the greater Twin Cities area that specifically educates high-functioning children with autism spectrum disorder or related learning differences.

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