Together, we can unlock everyone’s potential.

Our vision is to grow forward. To move ahead, we needed our own building.

Thanks to our door-openers, we now have a new home!

The next step: make it the right space for our neurodiverse students, families, and the community.

Ways to Give

Cash or Check made out to:

Academy of Whole Learning
3500 Williston Road
Minnetonka, MN 55345


Gifts of Stock

AOWL’s Broker Information:

130 Lake Street West, Wayzata, MN 55391
Account # 1201-2221 DTC# 0164,
Nathan Gaherty is our account associate at Charles Schwab.

Prior to transferring stock, please send the following:

Name, address, stock name, shares being transferred and the approximate amount, purpose of gift

Credit Card or Debit Card

There is a 3% processing fee for all credit and debit card donations. For large donations, please consider adding 3% to help us cover the fees or choose to make your donation via check or stock.

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And with our wonderful new outdoor spaces, we can offer more than double the size of our summer camps and other outdoor enrichment programs.

Why the capital campaign?

1 in 42 children in Minnesota is on the autism spectrum.
1 in 5 Minnesotans deals with mental illness.
85% of adults with ASD are unemployed.

Students who graduate from AOWL have a 100% post-secondary placement -
either employment, transition program, or two or four-year college.

AOWL sees the potential of each individual and helps them reach it.

Think of that potential.
For happiness. For health. For community.

What if we could unlock it? Together?


With our new K-12 school facilities, we can expand from 72 students to 125, unlocking their social, emotional, and academic potential.


Expanding the amount and type of space for therapy services allows us to jump from 100 clients to 500, empowering them with the tools to manage their emotional, mental, and behavioral health.


With new space, we can grow our adult education programming from 5 young adults to 40, preparing them to live their fully realized, independent lives and soar to new heights.

Thanks to our six amazing door-opener families, we bought the building!

We've raised $7M toward our goal of $10M.

We are now raising an additional $3M to create an amazing campus that will unlock the potential of students and their families through each of our services. 

Would you like to learn how you can Unlock Potential to be part of this amazing future?

Contact Carly Kortuem at 612-737-6911 or