Founded: 2003

Grades: K-12

Class Size: 4:1 student/teacher ratio and an average class size of 8.

School Start/End Time: Our school day begins at 8:10am and goes until 3pm Monday through Friday.  There are opportunities for before care as early as 7:00am and after care as late as 5:00pm.

Accreditation: AOWL is accredited through MNSAA.

Curriculum: Our curriculum is individualized to each student and aligns with Common Core Standards

Public or Private: AOWL is a private, non-profit school

Tuition: We are a tuition-based school and do not accept medical insurance. For current tuition rates, please visit

Tuition Assistance: Families apply for need-based tuition assistance each year. If a family qualifies, the award is based on the number of families needing assistance and the amount of financial assistance available from fund-raising efforts.

Therapy Services: Our services include Psychotherapy, Intensive Behavior Intervention, Testing and Assessments and Support Groups. We offer our therapy services to all age groups and are not limited to individuals diagnosed with ASD.

Beyond the Bell: We offer numerous co-curricular clubs and sports. Before and after school care is also offered on all days our school is in session.

Summer Camp: We help your student bridge the summer gap through unique enrichment, advancement and fun activities in academic, social and life skills.

Transportation: Available through a partnership with Breck School Transportation and American Transportation.

Lunch: We do not currently provide a hot lunch option. Students must bring a bag lunch from home